31 Days of Prayer for July 2022

July 1: Pray for thriving families.

July 2: Pray for healthy marriages.

July 3: Pray for men as husbands and fathers.

July 4: Pray for women as wives and mothers.

July 5: Pray for God’s wisdom and understanding for parents.

July 6: Pray for blessings on our children.

July 7: Pray for our nation’s schools and educational system

July 8: Pray for America’s churches to impact families.

July 9: Pray for church workers and volunteers.

July 10: Pray for mothers considering abortion.

July 11: Pray for pre-born babies.

July 12: Pray for orphaned and at-risk children.

July 13: Pray for people in crisis.

July 14: Pray for relief to those struggling in poverty.

July 15: Pray for the hungry in America.

July 16: Pray for those who are homeless.

July 17: Pray for victims of domestic violence.

July 18: Pray for local churches to reach the hurting.

July 19: Pray for God’s people to be a light.

July 20: Pray for healing in our nation.

July 21: Pray for America’s leaders.

July 22: Pray for our military.

July 23: Pray for civil servants.

July 24: Pray for racial tensions in America.

July 25: Pray for an end to violence.

July 26: Pray for America’s future.

July 27: Pray for our justice system.

July 28: Pray for courage and wisdom for voters later this year.

July 29: Pray for the safety of the mid-term election process.

July 30: Pray for God’s will in the November elections.

July 31: Pray for our religious freedoms in America.